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In short, Glaeser Enterprises, LLC provides online marketing and web-based solutions for professionals in numerous industries.


Founded in 2005, Glaeser Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to providing individuals and companies around the globe with quality media, products, and services. We are a leader in Internet marketing, providing numerous marketing vehicles for various industries and professions. With over sixteen-hundred domains and websites under our ownership and operation, Glaeser Enterprises, LLC is a trusted source of high-quality, low-cost online marketing.


Our companies are anchored by DMG Computer as a local IT service provider in the metro-Detroit, Michigan area, and QuickRepo.com as the Internet’s top online repossession directory. Our clients experience a return-on-investment that is unmatched in the industry, along with unparalleled service and results.


Our growing number of companies and projects include:

dmg computer – Michigan website design and Michigan SEO

quick repo – Repo CompaniesRepo Man, and Repossession Companies Directory

search for servers – Process ServersProcess Service Directory

search for pis – Private InvestigatorsPrivate Investigation Directory

veterinarianclinics.net – a veterinarian clinic directory of veterinarians and vets

localpodiatrists.com – a podiatrist / podiatrists directory

removechargeoffs.com – remove charge offs from credit reports with this helpful info

commission tracking software – track your commissions online; anywhere, anytime

podiatrist directories – find podiatrists in various states

physical therapist directories – find physical therapists in various states

dmg deals – Deals on all things Digital, Mobile, and Gaming


Our growing number of partners include:

repo-companies.com – a repo company directory

legalprocessservers.net – a process server directory

civilprocedure.info – a site with state and federal rules of civil procedure

repo-laws.com – a site with repo laws for every state

repossession-laws.com – a site with repossession laws for every state